Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Runway Rundown: Spring 2012, Milan

Oh Miuccia, you've done it again! Who knew car prints could be so chic? For spring, Prada played on the Italian love of cars with a vintage-inspired car print on the candy colored ladylike pieces. There was also a play on contrasts with chunky, boxy jackets and coats topping off the sleek dresses underneath. Man Repeller joked that the collection would be the uniform for her birthday, but with the toys boys love printed on these pieces, man repellers these pieces are not.

Karl, that was fantastic. The construction was impeccable on the luxuriously slouchy, yet masterfully constructed pieces. The muted color palette was easy on the eyes and understated, but beautiful. I can see all the pieces making their way into my wardrobe: the blazer with cutout shoulders and the sheer sweater with thick knit detailing, not to mention the dresses with unique tailored detailing. It was original, yet classic at the same time.

Marni, Marni, Marni, what is it about you that makes me want you every season? Is it your clean lines, adept utilization of contrast and texture, or your masterful print work? Oh wait, it's all of the above. For spring, Marni hit it right on the mark with a bold collection that hit all the sweet spots, but managed to feel new.

Jil Sander
Sleek and innovative, the characteristics that Jil Sander exudes season in and out were executed with perfect precision for spring. The signature structured pieces were present, complemented with sheer detailing and prints that felt familiar, yet new at the same time. I loved all of it, now if only I was tall enough to wear it.

Emporio Armani
It was back to basics at Emporio Armani, although only in the color palette because the pieces were anything but. Luxurious is one way to describe the expert construction that transformed the neutral palette into something rich and full. Who needs color when the pieces are this glamorous? I particularly loved the use of contrasting edges to add depth and texture to the garments, while the slim silhouettes oozed sophistication. Oh, and that cutout collar? I need it in my life.

Well, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana sure know how to say goodbye. I'm mourning the end of D&G and its flirtatious and whimsical collections, but it's hard to stay sad when their final season is so good—or does that make it even worse? Either way, I smiled from start to finish. The silky scarf prints were used in innovative ways, so that even if they dominated the entire collection, each look managed to feel fresh and new.

Dolce & Gabbana
I wouldn't have thought that one of my favorite collections from Milan would have lifted its inspiration from the produce aisle, but I never wanted to eat vegetables more than after the Dolce & Gabbana show. The innovative print combined with the womanly silhouettes had me from look 1. I can't wait to get my daily serving of veggies now!

Moschino's tribute to the bull fight felt a bit literal at first, but hey who doesn't love a matador—well except the bull of course. With the sport disappearing—Catalonia just had its last bull fight—its apt that the brand pay tribute to the elegance of the costume. Intricate detailing felt luxe while the slim lines were undeniably sexy, topped off with a cheerful pop of yellow this collection won me over.

All Photos: Imaxtree


  1. Prada, Marni and Fendi are absolutely my favourites. So chic, girly, simple and dreamy.

  2. Great rundown! My favourites were Prada, Fendi, Armani and Salvatore Ferragamo. So excited for Spring already :)