Friday, September 02, 2011

Parisian Dreams

When I visited Paris a few years ago, I did it all wrong. I had fun, but my boyfriend and my goal of shoving everything the city had to offer in the span of just a few days left us tired, overwhelmed and honestly—kind of cranky.

Now, if I had my way, I'd rent a small apartment rather than a hotel room and stay for at least two weeks. Then, I'd take each day to explore a new part of the city and really get to know it. Maybe even take a trip into the countryside for a change of pace. Sure, it's still a short time frame, but it would be infinitely more leisurely than my last trip.

Since that type of long-term travel isn't in the cards right now, here are a few inspirational images that are making me smile. Hey, a girl can dream right?


  1. Ho darling is that first photo with the window and the last photo with the chair and fax fur. LOVE!

  2. My first trip in Paris i have to say was wrong too, i was so young and the group of kids i went to none of us really cared, we just thought the Eiffel tower was the greatest thing ever,and that;s about it:)) and we got lost, too, the subway doesn't run after midnight...oh long story!!Love your pictures and would love to go back there one day!

  3. Also, my first trip was too short plus I was 15 - what could I possibly appreciate?! When I was 29 I went with my mom for 30 days. I planned everyday to do some touristy things and then we would just get lost in the city, walking around and discovering; as mush of Paris as ourselves.

  4. Nancy, your second trip sounds delightful! I really need to do that, sooner rather than later.

    Natasha, I think everyone has an "I did Paris horribly" story. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one. Here's to Paris Part 2 for all!