Thursday, September 15, 2011

Help Senna Win!

Hello friends, family and neighbors,

Our beloved Senna has been chosen by 7x7 Magazine as the pup to represent the Mission Bay neighborhood. He's going head to head in a cuteness contest against animals from all the other SF neighborhoods. Senna will win a bunch of puppy swag, but he'll also get to show off his cuteness as the official mascot of the DOGMA street fair.

We know Senna is the cutest dog ever, but we need your help to show the rest of SF that he's the top dog.

Please help Senna win by voting for him by Sept 22. It looks like you can only vote once, so please get your friends and friends of friends to vote too! He's #19 on the list.

Thank you!

Hugs and puppy kisses,

Sasha, Basso, Frisee and of course, Senna

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