Wednesday, September 21, 2011

When in Doubt, Stare at the Wall

When I envisioned my inspiration board, it was big. So big, that I couldn't find anything pre-made to satisfy my needs. So, I created my own. Here, you can see exactly how large—and full–my board is. I have plastered every free inch of it with magazine clippings and memorable things I've encountered. Every so often, I'll take a look at my choices with a critical eye and purge the ones that are no longer a source of inspiration. So some of the stuff on the wall is new, others, I collected years ago and they still make me smile.

What you'll need:
Homasote board
Staple Gun
Heavy duty wall screws

How to do it:
1. Homasote is a material used for insulation that also doubles nicely as a bulletin board. It's thicker and cheaper than the cork you find in hardware stores—meaning you won't end up with a wall full of holes—and easier to deal with. Have a size custom-cut at your local building supply store. But call ahead, it's not commonly stocked in places like Home Depot. We got ours from Discount Building Supplies in SOMA.

2. Cover your Homasote with canvas and use the staple gun to secure it in place. Staple one side, then secure the free sides with clamps. You're going to want to stretch the fabric tightly before stapling the other sides.

3. Drill holes in the four corners of the board. Hold it up to the wall, mark the hole locations with a pencil, then drill into the wall. You might need to check for studs if the board is too heavy for your wall.

4. Secure the board to the wall with the screws and washers.

5. Cover with your favorite inspirational photos!


  1. Wow.... Haha. I couldn't do that. I'd put EVERYTHING I found up on the wall.

    Stay Beautiful,

  2. awww what a great idea! I'm sure you stay super inspired! :)