Sunday, August 14, 2011

Taking Advantage of a Sunny Day

Most people think of SF as a cold and foggy place. Which it can be, don't get me wrong. But if you know the city's micro-climates, sunny spots can be found quite easily. Today was gorgeous, so I spent as much time outside as I could. In between weekend errands, the BF and I hit up a park near the Ferry Building for lunch and a few outfit snaps.

But before all that, let's talk about how cute this chinchilla is. Petco has them and they're always my first stop. If I didn't already have a diva cat and snotty dog, I'd totally have a dust bathing chinchilla. Look at those ears, they give my dog's serious competition.

It was so nice out today that I didn't even need a jacket. Glorious and rare.
P1010246 - Version 2
Sweater: Willow & Clay, Shorts: Eight Sixty, Shoes: Julian Louie X Also, Necklace: Lia Sophia, Bangles: Mango and F21, Aviators: H&M

The Asian in me loves anything with green tea while my Hong Kong side loves a good English tea. I picked up this chocolate with green earl grey at Wholefoods, isn't the packaging sweet?

Here's hoping the weather keeps up!