Monday, August 22, 2011

Daily Rumor: Marc Jacobs Heads to Christian Dior

As head of Louis Vuitton and his own eponymous label, there was no doubt that Marc Jacobs' name would be tossed around as being in the running for the unfortunately vacated head designer position at Dior. At first, Ricardo Tisci of Givenchy was the front runner, but WWD and other major fashion news outlets have suddenly placed all bets on Jacobs. It's only a few weeks until the big announcement, so speculation has gone into overdrive.

I mourned the loss of Galliano's talent from the brand. He's an individual and creative genius who did great things. Unfortunately, his personal struggles and troubles got the best of him and he succumbed to the pressure. There's no excuse for the anti-semitic statements Galliano made, but people have been forgiven for worse things. A big part of me wishes LVMH would give him another chance. 

I have great respect for Marc Jacobs, but I have to admit his designs haven't always been my favorite over the years. They tend to look great on the runway, but don't translate well on the average consumer. I do like his recent Fall 2011 collection, but I just haven't ever felt the admiration for his designs as I have for Galliano. Perhaps the new platform will allow him to shine in new ways. Jacobs' imagination is definitely up for the challenge and his grand theatricality will translate well as couture.

Overall: Marc Jacobs for Dior? Undecided.

Photo Source: Fashioncraz, MariaCarla in Wonderland and CelebrityDogWater

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