Friday, August 19, 2011

Meet a Style Icon: Taylor Tomasi-Hill

Hollywood celebrities have taken over the commercials, magazine covers and airwaves, places that used to be dominated by models. But despite their prevalence in pop culture, my style icons tend to be a little more fashion based.

Sure, I love me some Diane Kruger and I'm seriously digging Zoe Saldana and Emma Stone, but one of the people whose style I seriously covet is Marie Claire's style and accessories diretor, Taylor Tomasi-Hill. Her unconventional approach to fashion and uncanny ability at combining different textures and unique pieces for utterly chic ensembles make me smile, every single time.

Here's a video of her styling Amanda Hearst in some cool looks to rock this fall, as well as some of my favorite looks of hers.

Photo Source: Inspiration Style and Maggie Coughlan (last photo)

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