Friday, August 26, 2011

Meet a Style Icon: Miroslava Duma

Former Harper's Bazaar Russia editor Miroslava Duma has recently caught my attention. Not only is her effortless style playful, but it's also on the cutting edge of fashion. She mixes designer pieces with high street faves like Zara and H&M, wearing both with equal aplomb. Mira also isn't afraid to experiment with color, prints and textures for unique looks that not many could pull off.

Unlike other editors who appear to have been former models, Mira is an icon for petite women everywhere. She wears her clothes as if she was the tallest gal in the room so you'd never guess she's actually shorter than 5'3. I'd credit expert tailoring with her ability to pull off a variety of styles. Seriously, I'd like to know who fits her clothes for her!

Already an international fashion icon at 25, this is a style star who I know I'll be following from here on out!


  1. She is totally adorable, I love her style.

  2. I can totally see you in the first outfit.

  3. super cute blog! I found you through IFB and am now following you, I hope you follow back! :)

  4. Love her white blazers. I need more blazers in my wardrobe.