Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Meet a Style Icon: Christine Centenera

I haven't been able to shoot outfit photos of my own, so I'm looking at other people's.

Harper's Bazaar Australia's fashion editor Christine Centenera has been a style darling for a while now, but I've only caught wind of her unique look recently. There's something about the laid back ease with which she wears even the trendiest clothes that draws your attention to her. Christine mixes recognizable pieces from the top collections with up and coming Australian designers like Dion Lee.

I would seriously kill for access to this woman's closet. Like my other style love Miroslava Duma, Christine isn't one of those model-like editors and instead stands at a comfy 5'3-ish according to other fashion blogs.

Photos: The Fashion Spot


  1. SHe is so stylish in a very effortless kind of way, love it!

  2. She might not be 6 ft, but she's got the frame of a model. Anyway, she's gorgeous. I especially love the 6th picture!

  3. well, SHE'S amazing!! omg thank you SO much for sharing this!

    XO Sahra

  4. Congrats on being selected for IFB's link roundup this week! Thanks for profiling Christina, she'll be my inspiration for the week!