Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Loving Perfume, But Not for the Scent

I don't love perfume. Unlike many people who are scent-oriented, my sense of smell honestly kind of sucks. I tend to wear one perfume until I finish it, and more often than not I'll buy the same one again. Adventurous in smells, I am not. But oddly enough, I can't get enough of perfume bottles. If I could, I'd buy dozens of them because they're so darn pretty. Although I love vintage containers the most, here are a few of my favorite current scents:

Pretty Perfume


  1. I used to collect bottles as well. They are so stylish!

  2. I like your selection of bottles - they're all very elegant and chique. Glitzy and girly bottles usually put me off. Ninfeo Mio from Annick Goutal, the top one on the left, is a really great smell, by the way! Very fresh. I'm planning on buying it in the beginning of 2012, I want it to be my spring smell. :)