Friday, April 01, 2011

Julian Louie x Aldo

I've been waiting for the Julian Louie X Aldo collaboration since I first saw preview pictures online. My obsession with tribal prints this spring is well documented so clearly this shoe was perfect for me. Unfortunately, they decided to only release them in select markets—not San Francisco. Figures. Luckily for me, my besty lives in New York so she was able to snag me a pair.

I got them yesterday and I'm in love. They fun, funky and crazy comfortable considering the height. I was so excited I wore them to work today. Forgive the shoddy iphone quality and messy room—my iphone4 was stolen during fashion week (sob!)...I have no excuse for the room. Oh, and yes it has been warm enough to wear shorts to work this week. Shorts to the office you say? Well, working in fashion has its perks.


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